Design Experience

The Home Improvement Guide Woodland Hills, CA [3.17 – Present]

Graphic Designer Duties consist of designing full magazine ads for home improvement publication distributed to home owners in Southern California locations. Calling clients to clarify any ad information, also preparing & uploading publications for print. Designing landing pages and print materials (business cards, flyers and folders).

EcoSense Lighting Los Angeles, CA [12.16 – 2.17]

Production Designer Designed informational material (instructional guides, spec sheets and powerpoint presentations) of their new products as part of the launch. Collaborated with engineers and printers to complete projects.

Fragments Holding New York, NY [1.15 – 10.16]

Graphic Designer Duties consist of photographing, retouching and processing jewelry products in the company’s database [WinFashion]. Advanced color correction on product images. Created product renderings for the sales department and web images. Worked on promotional material, such as flyers, brochures, postcards, visual graphics for media usage, such as websites, as well as marketing purposes. Designed printed and digital collaterals for meeting and conferences including, but not limited to brochures, lanyards, poster boards, and any other projects as requested.

Golden Magazine New York, NY [10.14 – Present]

Art Director Consistently completed quarterly issued youth fashion magazines. Collaborating with photographers & chief editor on layouts, edits and production. Created vision, conceive designs, and build the brand on & offline.

Metro Newspaper New York, NY [6.13 – 9.13]

Graphic Designer Designed articles, using REP for different sections in newspapers that were distributed in New York, Boston and Philadelphia. Operated and maintained in- house digital print and finishing equipment. Routinely coordinated with external vendors on print requests outside the scope of our internal capabilities.

TimeOut NY Magazine New York, NY [5.13 – 6.13]

Graphic Designer Collaborated with the creative team with magazine layouts. Photo researching and uploading completed stories to website back-end. Developed concepts for the brand, logo design.

The Village Voice New York, NY [11.11 – 3.13]

Graphic Designer Collaborated with design team on newspaper layout. Photo researching and retouching of images. Uploaded finished stories to a content management system.

Maud & Chloé Productions New York, NY [3.09 – Present]

Graphic Designer Successfully manage and coordinate graphic design projects from concept through completion. Work closely with Maud & Chloé to create vision, conceive designs, and build the brand. Lead creative on DC Tap Fest, 9 year annual tap dance program catered to 1,000’s of people. Producing designs for brochures, stickers, flyers, posters, t-shirts and web ads for the week long program. Participated in production of print and promotional items and consistently met deadlines and requirements.


Delaware State University Dover, DE [9.99 – 12.03]

B.A. Graphic Arts Degree received May 2004


Live and breathe CS6, Photoshop, Illustrator & InDesign

Understand Word, PowerPoint, Dreamweaver (HTML), WordPress

Am a Mac & PC user

• Brochures & Newsletters
• Logos & Business Cards
• Posters & flyers
• Brand Identity

• Product Shots
• Retouching
• Creative Directing
• Photo Manipulation

Web & Multimedia
• Website Design
• Web Promo Design
• Light video editing
• Wordpress Design